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What Division should my child play in?Registering is easy, and sorted by age and gender.   Girls and Boys born from August 2013 to August 2010 are eligible to play T-Ball.  Girls and Boys of ages 7-12 are eligible to play Baseball and Girls 7-12 are eligible to play Softball.   Within Baseball and Softball, children are split into Rookies (roughly 1st-2nd graders), Minors (roughly 3rd-5th graders) and Majors (roughly 5th-7th graders).   Majors and Minors hold player evaluations and a draft to ensure balanced teams and the right 'fit' for a child's playing level.

What days will my child play on?The teams and season schedule will be finished by mid-March.  Generally speaking, T-Ball practices on Monday's and play games Saturday mornings.   For Baseball; Rookies play on Thursdays and Saturdays mornings, Minors play on Wednesday's and Saturday's and Majors play on Tuesday's, some Thursday's and Saturday afternoons.   For Softball, CPLL & WWLL will have the final schedule by March but generally Majors play on Mondays and Wednesdays, Minors play on Tuesdays and Saturdays and Rookies will play on Thursdays and Saturdays.

What is the Family Discount?Families with multiple players (non T-Ball) get a $25 discount for the 2nd and 3rd player in their family, and the 4th+ are free!

What is the Volunteer Obligation?Like all local youth sports organizations, CPLL is a completely volunteer run organization. Beyond the board members, it relies on help from parents and family members to operate.  We ask that each family either volunteer during the season or opt out for $125 upfront.  To volunteer, two shifts in our concession stand satisfy the requirement - or coach a team and one shift - or manage a team.  A shift in the concession stand is generally 2-3 hours on a weeknight or Saturday.  Serving on the board also satisfies the volunteer requirement.   

What is the $50 Fundraising Raffle Fee? - We hold one fundraiser each year, a raffle of prizes at our season ending Picnic/Championship Day. (mid-June)  Each family prepays for ten $5 tickets for the raffle prizes within their registration costs.  Tickets will be distributed to families 2-3 weeks ahead of the Picnic Day.   And families are able to hold onto to the tickets, or resell them to family, neighbors and friends.  This cost is completely reclaimable by you if you choose.

What entails Managing or Coaching a team? - Each team will have a Manager (head coach) and up to 3 coaches.  (We are always looking for volunteers, and you do not have to be an expert on the game or how to run a practice - we'll help you with all of that.   Also, with up to 4 volunteers on each team that builds in plenty of flexibility for weeknight games and getting home from work.  Managing a team fully satisfies your volunteer obligation, coaching satisfies half.   Managers and coaches will have to submit a simple background check form and participate in our Safety Meeting and Coaches Clinic.  


What equipment do I need to have? - Each player is only responsible for their own glove, baseball/softball pants and cleats are highly recommended however.  CPLL will hold a discounted event at Dick's Sporting Goods in Princeton on Rte 1 in March for all CPLL families.  All team managers will have an equipment bag with bats, batting helmets and catcher's gear to share if you'd like.  You will see mamy children aged 9 and older with their own bat or batting helmet.

What do you get with the uniform? - All players will receive a team hat, jersey and socks to wear as their uniform.  Uniforms will be given out in late March ahead of Opening Day in April.

What is the right size bat for my child? - Little League bat regulations will be changing in 2018, but until then all bats must be a 2.25" diameter and 1.15 Bpf standard bat (Bpf for basebal only).  All major brands and retailers will sell these bats with the Little League Approved logo on it.  "Big Barrell" or BBCOR bats ARE NOT ALLOWED in Little Leauge play.  Regarding sizing - generally speaking a bat's height should roughly come up to a child's hip when standing barefoot, and weight should be light enough that the child can hold the bat one handed (at the end of the bat) straight out level in front of them and to each side. (switching hands)  A common mistake is buying too heavy a bat, a lighter bat is easier to make solid contact.

What are the Player Evaluations in March? - All baseball and softball players above Rookies will be required to attend evaluations, which last just 15 minutes.  Eval's are usually in early March and look to the website for the specific date. These evaluations, along with our manager's assesments from last season help us create balanced teams for even play.  Minors and Majors division conduct a player draft, requests are not honored for specific teams.


How do we get our schedule? - Managers will hand out a copy of the season's game schedule at the beginning.  This is subject to change during the season due to rainouts.  Each team will have it's own page on our website, and it's very important that parents are listed with their child on this page.  This page will be basis for all schedule changes and emails from the manager throughout the year.  You can sync the team's schedule with your phone or desktop calendar, and any changes are updated automatically.  Also, you can add any family members emails to your child's roster page so that everyone can get reminders and updates.

What does the typical season schedule entail? - For the year, teams will typically play on a weeknight and on Saturday.  For T-Ball, the weeknight is a short practice and games are on Saturdays.   For all other divisions, it is mostly games on the weeknight and Saturday's.  Practice time will be be up to the manager's discretion, with the flexibility from CPLL in the schedule.   Playoffs are held in the Minors and Majors divisions only.  

Why do fields played on get moved around? - We have 3 fields in Cranbury and 5 fields in Plainsboro, and try to utilize all of them for a mix of play.  However, we concentrate as many games as possible at PC (Plainsboro Community Park) as that is our main facility and has the bathrooms and Concession Stand.  The Concession Stand is one of our sources of fundraising and we could not operate our league without it so we thank you for your patronage in advance.   Cranbury evening games also have to start earlier due to lack of lights.  Lastly, some fields tend to drain better than others and heavy rain can put a field out of commission for a couple of days.


What is the All Star Season? - CPLL participates in the Districts All Star tournaments in June and July, after the regular Little League season.  Player interest in solicited during the season and managers and board hold evaluations and selection process to compose teams.  Summer All Stars play in local tournaments against the other leagues in our areas, typically with one team per league at each age group.  Look to our website in May for more information on All Stars.

What is Fall Ball? - Fall Ball is great way to continue playing baseball in the offseason.  It typically runs Sept & Oct, and CPLL will field teams for recreation level baseball against surrounding leagues.  It's a great way to keep playing and have fun in a light travel format.  Sign ups begin in late July.