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Umpires Code of Conduct 

As a CPLL Umpire: 
(1) I will learn and know the playing rules of Little League Baseball and 
Softball. I will attend meetings, clinics and seminars to enhance and refresh 
my knowledge of baseball and softball. 

(2) I will act in a professional manner. I will arrive to games on time, in 
uniform and will keep myself in good physical condition. I will take each 
game seriously. 

(3) I will be firm, fair, consistent and neutral. I will explain the rules when 
needed. I will show confidence but avoid arrogance. 

(4) I will show patience and respect to players, coaches, other umpires, 
parents, spectators and the property of others. 

(5) I will take responsibility for the health and safety of all players. Before 
and during games, I will take reasonable notice of each player’s equipment 
and field conditions for safety and take any reasonable precautions to 
ensure a safe contest for all. 

(6) I will provide a sports environment that is free of profanity, drugs, 
tobacco, and alcohol and I will refrain from their use at all CPLL activities. 

(7) I will always remain calm and use diplomacy and understanding to 
diffuse difficult or charged situations. 

(8) I will remember that I am a youth sports umpire and that the game is 
for the children and not for the adults. 

I understand that if I am unable to follow the expectations described above 
and the adopted CPLL Code of Conduct I will be disciplined in accordance 
with the CPLL bylaws.