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CPLL Players Code of Conduct 

As a CPLL Player: 
(1) I will have fun learning and playing the game of baseball or softball. I 
will gain knowledge by consistently attending practices and games. I will 
listen to and obey instruction from my manager, coaches and umpires. 
(2) I will practice good sportsmanship. I will always remain calm, 
respectful and display good manners. I will tolerate mistakes. I will refrain 
from loud or offensive remarks. I will show respect to other players, 
managers or coaches, umpires, parents, spectators and the property of 
others. I will clean up litter and other discards after games and practices. 
(3) I will accept the managers’, coaches’ and umpires’ decisions, even if I 
disagree with them or if I do not completely understand them. I will not 
address umpires directly, other than thanking them at the end of every 
(4) I will do the best I can and put forth my maximum effort. I will cheer 
for my teammates, play as a team and put the needs of the team ahead of 
my own. 
(5) I will be humble and generous in victory and proud and courteous in 

I understand that if I am unable to follow the expectations described above 
and the adopted CPLL Code of Conduct I will be disciplined in accordance 
with the CPLL bylaws.