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CPLL Manager or Coach Code of Conduct 

As a CPLL Manager or Coach: 

(1) My first responsibility is the health and safety of all players. I or one of my fellow 
coaches will be present at each practice or game and will have knowledge of basic first 
aid and carry a properly supplied first aid kit, ice and emergency medical release 
forms to all practices and games. I will follow-up with parents or guardians after all 
injuries and report them promptly to CPLL within 24 hours of their occurrence. 

(2) I will ensure that players’ equipment and field conditions are inspected for safety 
before all practices and games. I will ensure a player is never left unattended or alone 
with a single adult other than their parent or guardian. I will ensure that at least two, 
preferably three unrelated adults are present within sight of the players at all practices 
and games. I will strive to be the first to arrive and last to leave all practices and 

(3) I will provide a sports environment for my team that is free of profanity; drugs, 
tobacco and alcohol, and I will refrain from their use at all CPLL activities. 

(4) I will seek to develop every player’s appreciation of the game by conducting 
practices and games in the spirit of enjoyment and learning. I will strive to teach the 
technical, tactical, physical, and psychological demands of baseball or softball 
appropriate for the players’ age and skill level while being sensitive to each player’s 
development needs. 

(5) I will remember that players of all ages need to have fun and receive positive, 
constructive feedback. I will seek to learn the game, including how to better teach the 
playing rules of baseball or softball and coaching strategies at an age-appropriate 

(6) During games, I will strive to let and teach players to make their own decisions 
and I will give every player appropriate and adequate playing time. 

(7) I will be a positive role model and strive to maintain a high degree of integrity. I 
will interact with umpires, CPLL officials, administrators, managers, coaches, 
opponents, parents and spectators demonstrating a spirit of cooperation, patience and 
respect to provide players with the maximum opportunity to develop and enjoy their 
baseball and softball experiences. 

(8) I will set the standard for sportsmanship. I will remain calm in every situation; I will 
tolerate mistakes and will use constructive feedback to emphasize the proper technique, 
strategy and conduct. I will accept the umpire’s judgment decisions without 
confrontation. I will refrain from loud or offensive remarks. I will teach skills and fair 
tactics and be sensitive to the feelings of players and coaches on all teams. 

(9) I will respect the property of others, and ensure that fields are free of litter and other 
discards after all practices and games. I will communicate these Codes of Conduct with 
parents and players. 

(10) I will keep winning and losing in proper perspective and encourage everyone to put 
forth their maximum effort without regard for results. I will place the emotional and 
physical well-being of my players ahead of any personal desire to win. I will remember 
that I am a youth sports coach, that the game is for the children and not for the adults, 
and that my actions may have a lasting impression on the personalities of those children 
under my charge. 

(11) I will positively represent my team and the CPLL by warmly welcoming umpires 
and opposing teams to our fields. 

(12) I will maintain control over my players and will help calm any players who have 
become belligerent, disrespectful, irresponsible or overly aggressive towards other 
players, umpires or coaches by removing them from the game. 

(13) I will clearly communicate my expectations of my players’ and their parents’ 
behavior prior to the start of the season and emphasize the need to provide 
encouragement and set a good example throughout all contests, regardless of the result of 
the action on the field. 

(14) Teach each player, especially through personal example, to be humble and generous 
in victory and proud and courteous in defeat. Also encourage players to thank the 
umpires at the conclusion of games. 

By accepting an assignment to manage or coach a team within the CPLL, each manager 
or coach agrees to abide by the above expectations and the adopted Code of Conduct. 
Managing or coaching within the CPLL is a privilege and not a right. Managers or 
coaches who are unable to follow the expectations described above will be disciplined in 
accordance with the CPLL bylaws.